The International Association
Reverse Speech Consultants, Ltd.

Incorporated in London, UK - 11 Murray Street, London NW19RE - Est. 2012

About This Website

The International Association of Reverse Speech Consultants has been formed to provide a regulatory body for the growing field of Reverse Speech. All certified Investigators, Analysts and Practitioners must be a member of this body and submit to yearly tests to make sure their Reverse Speech skills are refined and sharp. Their names will then be published to this site so the general public will know who is a legitimate Reverse Speech consultant and who is not.

Board Members

David John OatesCurrent Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is David John Oates. David is the discoverer and founder of Reverse Speech and has been pursuing the discovery for 30 years now. For more information on David, visit his personal website at

Jeffrey P. TothCurrent Chief Operations Officer (COO) is Jeffrey P. Toth. Jeff joined Reverse Speech in October of 1997 and has been working diligently with David Oates and Reverse Speech since. He was instrumental in designing the Reverse Speech Pro software and has assisted with the training programs and provided technical assistance to hobbyists and professionals alike.